Current Wish List

Not that long ago, I ran into a friend at Target while browsing in the clothing section. I asked her what she was looking for, and she was just browsing–something I often do as well, but I was a little surprised when I asked her if there was anything specific she needed/was looking for and she said no; she explained she never had a running “wish list.” This really surprised me, as she always looks so well put-together. I always have a running “wish list.” A top to go with that skirt or a pair of heels in that exact color, or a bag to match this outfit, etc. That is the only way I know how to “put together” outfits. I love when I have an exact outfit in mind and finally after a long search I find the last piece to my “puzzle.”

How do you shop?

Here is my current running wish list:

Black knee-high dressy boots: I have a pair with kitten-heels that are just OK. Would love to find some for a steal at the end of the season! These have been such a staple in my wardrobe.
Maybe these?

A tan or nude/blush colored blouse to go with my new black & cream striped skirt! So excited about this, one of the few items I fell in love with on Pinterest that actually had a working link that led me to where I could buy it! I will feature it in my “finds.”

Tops to go with scarves: I have some beautiful scarves that I got this past fall that I haven’t worn, because I can’t find anything to wear them with! I either need to find something to wear them with or sell/give away.

Purse: I am so picky with purses, that I end up using mine until they are falling apart! Would love to find one that I LOVE. Prefer these colors: Navy, Cognac, White, Grey

Polka-dots! Tops, skirts, etc. P dots are really popular right now, so I want to grab some really cute items while I can.

Nude flats: I have a pair from Target that are heavily scuffed. I realized they are such a great staple and go with so many outfits that I would like to replace them with a leather pair that will hold up better, breathe better, and be more comfortable.

Necklaces: A white and a black “statement” necklace that are not too big, and one with some color, (navy?)

White tennies: I am carrying these over from last summer’s wish list. I still really want a pair! I wore white tennies like crazy all through my school years, and then spent most of my 20’s without them, can’t wait for spring to find & wear some!

Striped tee-shirt(s): these are such a staple for me. Alone in the summer, or excellent for layering the rest of the year. I have not been able to find the perfect white/navy and black/white ones that I want. I like when they are mostly white with thin stripes, nicely fitted (not loose) and either 100% cotton or have a little bit of stretch.

Belts: a skinny matte navy and a skinny white, one with a silver buckle to go with a new Anne Klein cardigan that has shiny silver buttons, a thick gold metal belt, and some with bows–maybe nude and black or navy. Since I am busty, having a belt to cinch the waist is essential.
Gold belt
Bow belt
Cognac bow belt

The “perfect” wedge sandal: This might be a myth. I have been looking for years. They will either be white or cognac, very tall yet very comfortable. I have come very close several times, but something was always a little off-a little too narrow, not quite tall enough, not the perfect shade of cognac…maybe I will get lucky this summer!

A beautiful, versatile navy dress: I have a couple of cheaper navy dresses that I have worn like crazy, they need to be replaced with one nice one…I have a few in mind that I found online but would rather find in person for the perfect fit.

A full black skirt: So excited these are finally “in” style! Love this romantic look so much.

A nautical tote for the beach and beyond: There are so many to choose from! Want a canvas one, maybe with some stripes.

A shiny/metallic mini skirt that is not that mini and is cheap, since I think this will be “in style” for just one season. I really love this one:

A pair of gray cotton flats. I found a pair at Payless a few years ago, and loved them, and I cannot remember why I didn’t get them but I have highly regretted it ever since. Here is a similar pair (that I also cannot find for sale)

What is on your wish list if you have one?

These were on my wish list for the past few months, but I think I’m going to give up on them. I don’t want to spend the money to use them for such a brief amount of time: black fluffy infinity scarf, white “fisherman” or cable sweater & green plaid shirt for underneath, a fur scarf, (SO SAD that I found the perfect one, and passed it due to price, it was actually a steal!) a black and a white puffer vest (I cannot find my black vest, very disappointed that I may have donated it to Goodwill a few years ago–have been making the best of the navy and the mint ones that I do have.)

Shopping in my closet:
I have bins in the basement with clothes that are out of season, too small/big, out of style but I can’t let go of. These are fun to go through every now and again–like shopping in my own closet! I just went through them a few weeks ago and found some great stuff. A jean jacket that will go great over some of my spring dresses, some fair isle sweaters that will go perfectly with my chambray button-up, a few dresses that are back in style, and some other great items that I finally fit into again! This will be such an exciting summer!