Current Wish List

Not that long ago, I ran into a friend at Target while browsing in the clothing section. I asked her what she was looking for, and she was just browsing–something I often do as well, but I was a little surprised when I asked her if there was anything specific she needed/was looking for and she said no; she explained she never had a running “wish list.” This really surprised me, as she always looks so well put-together. I always have a running “wish list.” A top to go with that skirt or a pair of heels in that exact color, or a bag to match this outfit, etc. That is the only way I know how to “put together” outfits. I love when I have an exact outfit in mind and finally after a long search I find the last piece to my “puzzle.”

How do you shop?

Here is my current running wish list:

Black knee-high dressy boots: I have a pair with kitten-heels that are just OK. Would love to find some for a steal at the end of the season! These have been such a staple in my wardrobe.
Maybe these?

A tan or nude/blush colored blouse to go with my new black & cream striped skirt! So excited about this, one of the few items I fell in love with on Pinterest that actually had a working link that led me to where I could buy it! I will feature it in my “finds.”

Tops to go with scarves: I have some beautiful scarves that I got this past fall that I haven’t worn, because I can’t find anything to wear them with! I either need to find something to wear them with or sell/give away.

Purse: I am so picky with purses, that I end up using mine until they are falling apart! Would love to find one that I LOVE. Prefer these colors: Navy, Cognac, White, Grey

Polka-dots! Tops, skirts, etc. P dots are really popular right now, so I want to grab some really cute items while I can.

Nude flats: I have a pair from Target that are heavily scuffed. I realized they are such a great staple and go with so many outfits that I would like to replace them with a leather pair that will hold up better, breathe better, and be more comfortable.

Necklaces: A white and a black “statement” necklace that are not too big, and one with some color, (navy?)

White tennies: I am carrying these over from last summer’s wish list. I still really want a pair! I wore white tennies like crazy all through my school years, and then spent most of my 20’s without them, can’t wait for spring to find & wear some!

Striped tee-shirt(s): these are such a staple for me. Alone in the summer, or excellent for layering the rest of the year. I have not been able to find the perfect white/navy and black/white ones that I want. I like when they are mostly white with thin stripes, nicely fitted (not loose) and either 100% cotton or have a little bit of stretch.

Belts: a skinny matte navy and a skinny white, one with a silver buckle to go with a new Anne Klein cardigan that has shiny silver buttons, a thick gold metal belt, and some with bows–maybe nude and black or navy. Since I am busty, having a belt to cinch the waist is essential.
Gold belt
Bow belt
Cognac bow belt

The “perfect” wedge sandal: This might be a myth. I have been looking for years. They will either be white or cognac, very tall yet very comfortable. I have come very close several times, but something was always a little off-a little too narrow, not quite tall enough, not the perfect shade of cognac…maybe I will get lucky this summer!

A beautiful, versatile navy dress: I have a couple of cheaper navy dresses that I have worn like crazy, they need to be replaced with one nice one…I have a few in mind that I found online but would rather find in person for the perfect fit.

A full black skirt: So excited these are finally “in” style! Love this romantic look so much.

A nautical tote for the beach and beyond: There are so many to choose from! Want a canvas one, maybe with some stripes.

A shiny/metallic mini skirt that is not that mini and is cheap, since I think this will be “in style” for just one season. I really love this one:

A pair of gray cotton flats. I found a pair at Payless a few years ago, and loved them, and I cannot remember why I didn’t get them but I have highly regretted it ever since. Here is a similar pair (that I also cannot find for sale)

What is on your wish list if you have one?

These were on my wish list for the past few months, but I think I’m going to give up on them. I don’t want to spend the money to use them for such a brief amount of time: black fluffy infinity scarf, white “fisherman” or cable sweater & green plaid shirt for underneath, a fur scarf, (SO SAD that I found the perfect one, and passed it due to price, it was actually a steal!) a black and a white puffer vest (I cannot find my black vest, very disappointed that I may have donated it to Goodwill a few years ago–have been making the best of the navy and the mint ones that I do have.)

Shopping in my closet:
I have bins in the basement with clothes that are out of season, too small/big, out of style but I can’t let go of. These are fun to go through every now and again–like shopping in my own closet! I just went through them a few weeks ago and found some great stuff. A jean jacket that will go great over some of my spring dresses, some fair isle sweaters that will go perfectly with my chambray button-up, a few dresses that are back in style, and some other great items that I finally fit into again! This will be such an exciting summer!

And so we begin…

First post! I have been thinking about creating a blog for years. I kept putting it off…I had so many excuses. I thought it might take up too much time while I am working on important goals. I was also a little embarrassed, I thought I should have some of my goals completed before I started–but then I thought we are all working on goals, and why not start as this was one of mine?

A little bit about me:
I named this blog, Lilbitofbliss, because my nickname is ‘Little Bit’ and because I love the word “bliss.” I am a truly happy person, always in pursuit of happiness in life. I love my nickname. It started when my future father-in-law called me that, because I am so tiny. I am 4’11” and have heard every short joke in the book. While I have wished to be taller at times, I usually enjoy being so small.

I am engaged and have been with my fiance for a little over four years. We have a two-year old son together, and are excited about our future! We have plans to be married in either 2015 or 2016, still working out those details. I am currently a full-time student at UWM (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee) majoring in Secondary Education – English. I apologize in advance for any punctuation or grammar errors, I am still learning!

We are looking forward to my graduation. It has been a long time coming, as I switched majors half-way through. I was originally in school for Business at Cardinal Stritch University, and while I loved the school I was not very interested in Business as a career path. My interest has been in teaching all along–that is a long story and another blog post.

As soon as I graduate, so many pieces will fall into place! I will find work that I really enjoy and will be challenged by. We can buy a cute little house for our family, and I will be able to decorate to my heart’s content–something I have always been passionate about. I will have space in my home for my other hobbies/interests: clothing/fashion, (yay for beautiful professional clothing as a teacher!) decorating, crafts, (home decor, party decorations, etc.) and will start my book collection over again for my library.

Some things I plan to write about in the future:
Weight loss & healthy eating
Shopping-Decorating & Fashion: “finds” and wish lists
Kids/my toddler
Couple Stuff
Crafts & DIY
Product reviews

Weight Loss

Weight is something I have struggled with most of my life. I am such a short person that my body requires very few calories–which makes it challenging to eat the foods that I enjoy and stay at a healthy weight. 

Five years ago, I was overweight and very unhappy. I made some big changes in my diet and started exercising. I lost 30 lbs, and felt great! I kept the weight off for over a year, and then put on 10-15 lbs of what I like to call “relationship weight.” Then I got pregnant. I ate really healthy food while I was pregnant, but unfortunately ate huge portions and drank a ton of milk and was way above where I should have been calorie-wise. I gained a little over 50 lbs. I lost 10 while in the hospital delivering my son, and then another 20 during the first 3 months due to breastfeeding. It took over a year, but I finally lost all of the baby weight and only have about 5-10 lbs to go to get down to my ideal size! So exciting! 

I know weight loss is something a lot of women struggle with. Some of the things that I find challenging are:

Saying no when offered food (when I’m not hungry/or it’s too many calories)

Staying prepared in advance 

Not eating what my fiance or my son is eating

Counting calories (it can get old, fast!)

Finding new things to eat that are healthy/low-cal when I get bored

Exercising (hate it)

Making excuses 

Having to many “cheat” days/moments


What do you struggle with? Do any of these struggles sound familiar?